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A Blogging Builder!

Hello there! Never thought I'd be doing this but there you go; got to keep up with technology so here I am - a blogging builder!

This week we've been taking down a single garage that had cracked and subsided. Someone had put a pitched roof over a garage base that was not designed to carry the weight. It should have had a flat roof. Now flat roofs get a bad rep so it's understandable that a previous owner of this property thought that putting a pitched one on was better. Guess they thought to avoid leaks etc.... bet they never thought this would happen to the concrete lintel. We've never seen one so damaged. It's shocking to see the effects of

not doing things properly and we are very sad that our lovely customers are having to deal with the disruption and expense of putting things right.

On the plus side - it will now be rebuilt as a side extension to this property, increasing the living space and housing a nice new kitchen for its owners. We're looking forward to bringing on the magic transformation!

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