• Scott

What Weather !

This week was a race against nature! We managed to get the footings dug out and the spoil removed on this job before the worst weather struck thanks to Nick from Comber & Son squeezing us in and the JCB track borrow got it's first outing. This fantastic bit of kit is a great addition to our plant and really earned its keep this week.

What a week to be a builder! Even before #StormEunice arrived the weather was a challenge and, though the days are lengthening, we're still restricted by the daylight hours at this time of year so it really did feel like a race. But the foundations are in! It's always a great feeling when you start putting things back and the site is tidy - which is just as well, given the way things have been being thrown around in recent days. Shame the same can not be said back home - where I've been battling the elements on a personal front. ☺️

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